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Extending 45 Years of Best Practices in Executive Search to the Senior Living Industry
Understanding your vision, your current and future needs and assets, resident preferences, and your short-term and long-range goals is critical to finding the right fit and the type of candidate who will complement the culture, operational and business objectives, and leadership needs of your community.

HCapSearchSenior offers a layered approach to the executive search process specially designed for the nonprofit Senior Living community and offered exclusively to our clients to provide you just that advantage.

Building on 45 years of search industry leadership and blending that expertise with nationally-recognized best practices in Senior Living, HCapSearchSenior takes a collaborative, holistic approach to your total needs and includes in our discovery a 360◦-assessment of your Senior Living community. We initiate a comprehensive process that focuses heavily on board input to understand your total organizational development needs. From there, we solicit input from resident questionnaires and focus groups, from the staff, and from community partners and other key stakeholders. We then work with you to develop a detailed Candidate Profile that serves as the basis of your search. We design your search to optimize recruitment from both your local and regional market, and from peer and best-practice providers within the Senior Living industry.

Senior Services in a Changing Landscape
Whether you are staffing up for a new community, or hiring a successor to a seasoned leader, your community will be engaging in executive search in a time of unprecedented industry change.

A very long-term depressed housing market has completely flipped the old model of senior living sales. No longer can administrators rely on the assurance that prospective residents will be able to use the proceeds of the sale of their home to buy into a life-care contract. Instead, administrators struggle to maintain census and profitability.

Although the industry is preparing for the onslaught of the Baby Boom generation, we know it as a current fact that this group holds drastically different generational characteristics from their parents. If Boomers of the future elect a community-living option at all, they are going to demand concierge-level services and amenities that extend well beyond what most communities currently offer today.

These facts, coupled with extreme pressures on marketing and finance in senior living, have caused even the biggest and best senior living communities to retrench. And to add to this, we cannot begin to completely understand the future impact on senior living of the Affordable Care Act, or the revisions to Medicare and Medicaid. While the votes aren’t yet in, it will be 10 to 15 years before it is clear how all of these factors will impact the senior living industry.

What this means to you is that your search objective will undoubtedly be for the type of leader who not only understands these dynamics, but a professional who is a thought leader and who knows and can anticipate industry trends so he or she can help you navigate and plan -- not just for survival, but for a thriving community.

Our Philosophy and Core Values
Our beliefs about the fundamental importance of aging with dignity and living life to the fullest guide our firm’s philosophy and approach to senior living recruitment. We believe that a community should be guided by the following core values:

• Resident-centered
• Holistic
• Relationship-based
• Meaningful Communication