Insurance Carrier

HCap Search has been nationally recognized as an industry leading provider of executive search services within the Property & Casualty markets for decades.
Because our practice is over thirty years old, national in scope, and comprehensive in level (professional to CEO), we believe that our “view” of the industry and our relationships within the industry gives us complete access and, very importantly, knowledge of the best talent within the industry. Our search expertise, combined with quality research capabilities and uncommon intellectual capital, enables HCap to provide our clients a deep look into the talent pool, not just a skim of what’s on top. The likely candidates are persons we know or can reach by virtue of the thousands and thousands of contacts and relationships we have. Property and casualty insurance has been the life blood of our company for over 30 years.

We have significant experience with companies of varying size and stage of development.
From the large publicly traded global carrier to privately held startups, or mutually owned regional carriers.

• Property & Casualty Insurance
• Reinsurance
• Insurance Brokerage
• Specialty Lines
• Life and Health

Specializing in the following functions:

• Business Development
• Claims
• Finance (Strategy, Compliance, Control, Audit, Accounting)
• Human Resources
• Information Technology
• Marketing
• Operations
• Risk Management
• Underwriting