Insurance Agency

Whether your agency needs a new superstar producer, account executive or other qualified professional, we offer the deeper recruiting process necessary to identify the hard to reach talent in the independent agency community.

We are particularly sensitive to the challenges of new producer acquisition. It’s hard and can be very expensive when selection and mentoring are compromised. We’re certain that it takes skill, will and relational capital to excel as a producer. Our specialty is identifying those elements.

Human Resources
Agencies present interesting human resource challenges. Whether yours is very large (over 50) or small, poor, absent or out of date human resource practices can be costly.

We can customize our deliverables but here’s a menu of potential projects:

• Performance management - constructive performance feedback
• Creative compensation strategies
• Building high performance teams
• Policy development - employee handbook
• Motivating a high performance sales team
• Handling work performance issues
• Handling work habits issues
• Maintaining improved performance
• Follow up and disciplinary action
• Selecting high performance producers
• Valuing differences
• Handling employee complaints